The Best Wedding Photo Spots on Kauai

Getting Married on Kauai? Choosing the right location for the ceremony and perfect wedding photos is an important part of your wedding planning.

We recently asked award winning Kauai wedding photographer Hanakapi'ai Grosse for her top recommendations on the best wedding photo spots on Kauai. Below she's listed some of the best locations for amazing wedding photos*.

*All photos in the post were provided by "Photography by Hanakapi'ai"

Kauai Wedding Photography Sweet Spots:

an hour before sunset is the best wedding photo time

North Shore Spots

She recommends Anini Beach, as it's pretty private and usually has good cloud coverage for even lighting, or Hanalei Bay with the gorgeous mountainous backdrop and vibrant sunsets, or Moloa'a Beach is really cool with a river mouth, semiprivacy, and turquoise waters.  But there's not much parking so it would have to be a smaller wedding.

East Side Spots

Hanakapi'is favorite wedding photo spot on the east side is a little known beach that's in front of Kauai Beach Villas.  There's a river mouth there and some nice lava rocks, and a grove of palm trees, for a rich diversity for photos.


a great wedding photo location is right by Kauai Beach Villas
an hour before sunset is the best wedding photo time

South Shore Spots

There's the beach just north of the Sheraton, or Baby Beach, or the Kukui'Ula Boat Ramp on the way to spouting horn is also a great spot. A great resort venue you may want to check out is Koloa Landing.  It's new and upcoming and they have a gorgeous lawn area and a beautiful ballroom.

"I don't really recommend Shipwreck as it's so crowded and you can't really get near the water," says professional Kauai wedding photographer Hanakapi'ai Grosse.

West Side Spots

On Westside, there's Salt Pond or even Polihale.  And there's always beautiful Koke'e if you want foresty wedding photos and don't mind taking a drive.

Kokee is another good kauai wedding photo location

TimeSaving Tip: When planning your wedding, consult with your photographer in early planning so you can pick the best wedding photo location that' near your ceremony and reception site.

The Best Time of Day For Gorgeous Wedding Photos

Start the ceremony 1 and 1/2 hours before sunset.  That gives 1/2 hour for the ceremony (which usually only takes about 15 minutes so even if things are running behind, it's still okay), and then 1 hour for formals.

nawiliwili wedding ceremony site

If there is going to be lots of family & bridal party photos, start the ceremony 2 hours before sunset and give 1 1/2 hours for formal photos.  The main thing is that you don't want the ceremony to take place in the heat of the day.  It gives unsightly shadows and there will be lots of unwanted sweat and squinting.

bridal party facing the ocean on Kauai

Another thing to consider is the time of year, as the sun moves across the sky and in one season it may be at a totally different spot as another season.

Take Hanalei Bay as an example.  In the winter the sun sets behind the mountains, and in the summer it sets on the water.  From Anini to Kalapaki, it will never set on the water. A professional Kauai photographer will help you determine where the best spot would be for ideal Kauai wedding photos, depending on your priorities (privacy, dramatic sunset, location proximity...)

I will say that majority of my wedding photo sessions tragically end just as the day is hitting it's prettiest.  That last hour before sunset is when the magic really happens. ~ Hanakapi'ai Grosse

Online Tools for Wedding Photography

A cool app is called sun seeker.  It shows you exactly where the sun will set at a particular location.  It kind of works like a compass. (click here for sunseeker on android, click here for the iphone version).  Another tool Hanakapi'ai recommends is this online time & date tool, it tells exactly what time the sun will set on any particular date.

Need a wedding photographer? Hire a professional wedding photographer to insure that your special day is captured beautifully forever. Call Hanakapi'ai Grosse for the best value on Kauai wedding photography packages.

Have Spots to Add? Leave a comment below and share your favorite breathtaking spots for gorgeous wedding photos on Kauai. We'd love to hear about your favorite photo locations!

professional wedding photos are higher quality

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