How to Grow Your Business for Free

Facebook may be the easiest way to connect with people. Everyone uses it, including your potential customers. In this quick guide I’m going to give you a daily routine to get more sales, appointments and customers for your business on Facebook in 30 minutes or less a day.

This strategy is perfect for anyone:

  • Looking for something simple to do
  • Without a huge advertising budget
  • With time to invest in growing a business
  • That Needs more customers or clients
  • That likes meeting new people and being social

How I Know This Works:

A few years ago I discovered Facebook. In my first 21 days of ever being on Facebook, I used it to land over $25,000 in new clients. I gave away $10,000 to prove that I actually did this.

I did this using a version of what I’m about to share with you.

This is incredibly powerful…but you actually have to do stuff to see it work πŸ˜‰

Caution: This technique is not the “fastest” way to grow your business. Advertising is by far the quickest way to grow your business. The purpose of sharing this with you is so you can make enough sales to be able to advertise & grow your business even more rapidly.

Here’s a summary of my Facebook Networking Formula:

  1. Find Places on Facebook where your customers would hang out
  2. Enter the Conversation
  3. Make New Friends
  4. Build a Relationship
  5. Be Yourself & Share Awesome Stuff

It’s actually a simple process…once you understand what to do πŸ™‚

Let’s look at how to do each of these steps:

1. Find Places on Facebook where your customers would hang out

The first step is to understand who your ideal customer is (and the answer is NOT everyone!).

Think about who your customers are. Are they men? Women? Both? Over 40? Under 30? Homeowners? Renters? College Educated? Within 15 miles of a certain town?

Brainstorm this for a few minutes. Write down who your ideal customers are. Read this post on attracting the ideal customer if you want to go the extra mile.

Once you understand who your ideal customer is, go find where they hang out on Facebook.

how to search on facebook

A few places to look are:

  • Groups
  • Competitor’s Pages
  • Events
  • Facebook Keyword Search

Join the groups & pages where your customers are hanging out and search for keywords and events related to what your core business is.

2. Enter the Conversation

Your goal is to connect with new potential customers in a non-salesy pressure free way.

Connect with the people in these groups & pages by liking, commenting on and sharing their posts!

People like people that like them! There’s a law of reciprocity that makes people who you help want to help you…

When you see someone new in the conversation, respond to their comment by replying to it & liking it. This initiates a new relationship.

adding friends is a basic networking step3. Make New Friends

Here’s half of the daily strategy.

Make 7 new friends a day.

If you do this 5 days a week, that’s 35 new friends a week, 140 new friends a month, or 7,280 friends a year!

Here’s how:

When you comment on someone’s comment in a good discussion do these two things:

  1. Send them a private message saying you liked their comment & wanted to add them as a friend if they’re open to it
  2. Send them a friend request

Roughly half the peopleΒ will accept your friend request.

With about 14 requests a day, you’ll get 7 new friends πŸ™‚

Not just 7 new friends…7 new people who would make great potential customers!

4. Build a Relationship

Without this step, the first 3 steps won’t produce any results. This step and the next are the key to turning your new friends into customers and people who will refer you new business.

To build a relationship, you are going to private message each new friend once a week for four weeks:

Message #1: Topic: Thanks for connecting. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you.

Message #2: Topic: Here’s a cool resource I found. [send them a link to something related to what you do, but not exactly what you do. Must be a video or great blog post, article or resource written by someone else. This is important because you’re just trying to help them, not promote yourself].

Message #3: Invite them to join a conversation somewhere. Get a conversation related to your business going on a facebook page, your profile or a group. Tell them there’s a great discussion happening on [TOPIC] and you’d love to get their opinion.

Message #4: Personal Check in. Ask them how they are doing, their family, a personal situation, a business situation. Just see how they’re doing.

You can manage this by going back in your inbox to all messages you sent a week ago, then just add the next step to it.

I’ve given this as a template, but the idea is just to have you keep in touch with your new friends in a systematic way that you can manage.

You can use any reason you want to stay in touch with your new friends. You’re not selling anything, you’re just bonding.

When you bond with people, they’ll read your posts πŸ™‚

5. Be Yourself & Share Awesome Stuff

The final part of my Facebook networking strategy is the most important.

This is the secret sauce to getting results.

Here are the rules:

  • Post on your Facebook profile 3x or more per day
  • 20% of the time Share business articles, photos of your work, success stories
  • 20% of time share industry news (non local, non competitor)
  • 20% of time share local news “what’s happening on Kauai”
  • 20% of time share your new friends stuff
  • 20% of time share your personality

These rules are only guidelines, you can tweak this for your purposes. Keep a balance between business and life.

The idea is to share enough about your business so that people will know what you do & refer you to others when someone is looking for what you do. Don’t share too much about business or you’ll be ignored.

Sharing stuff from your friends & commenting on their stuff helps build a stronger relationship.

Strategy Recap:

Make a deliberate effort to add 7 new friends a day. By staying in touch with them through private messages for 4 weeks and posting relevant information in your status updates you will cultivate a group of people who see you as the “go to source” for whatever your purpose is.

Join Hawaii Business LeadersWhat to Do Now:

  1. Implement this strategy.
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Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell is the founder, editor and business marketing strategist for He lives in Kauai and specializes in helping people connect with their ideal audience.

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