How Email Will Get You More Sales

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing using electronic mail as a means of communicating messages to an audience.

Basically, email marketing is…

  • Sending emails to build and develop relationships between a business owner and an existing or potential customer

  • Sending emails with the purpose of getting new customers or current customers to purchase something or educate them about something.

  • Keeping customers updated about new specials, products, discounts, etc.


There are definitely some key advantages to email marketing versus traditional mail marketing, including the following:

  • An exact return on investment can be tracked you can easily see open rates, click through, and see how effective (or not) your emails have been. You can even re send emails to people who didn’t open the first one.

  • Increase Reach – Business owners can reach large numbers of email subscribers who have opted in (and agreed) to receive email communications about what you offer.

  • Daily use – Over half of all Internet users check or send email on a typical day and many do it first thing each morning and even check from their mobile device.

  • Timely Message Email allows business owners to reach out to consumers with personalized, relevant, dynamic messages.

  • Timely Response- Emails allow business owners to respond automatically to purchases or shop-cart abandonment.

  • Global Reach – emails travel worldwide so if your product or service is global, you can communicate regularly with people all over the world.

How To Collect Emails?

learn how to collect emailsYou can get really creative with this one but here are some ideas to get you started.

Fish BowlsWhere is the last place you remember seeing the “fish bowl” filled with business cards at a local business? This might be old school (and I’ve just aged myself) but what if you simply had something like that in your brick and mortar business.

Drawings / Giveaway – Same idea as the fish bowl but people enter a drawing or giveaway by simply leaving a business card with their email address.

Discount Coupon Offers Online or off, you can offer discount coupons in exchange for an email address. This works very well on Facebook and other social media channels and if you have a Facebook page or website, you can easily begin collecting emails.

E-book or PDF do you have an e-book, or helpful PDF document that you give away? As an example, “7 things to avoid eating if you want to lose 10 lbs in 90 days.” To have access to the 7 things, you ask for an email to access the short document and when they subscribe, you send an email with the pdf.

Newsletter – Do you send out regular newsletters (or could you)? You can have a place on your website, business page, etc that allows people to ask you to send them your newsletter which gives you permission to email them on a regular basis.

Ads – if your budget allows, you can advertise in written publications, newspapers or online using Facebook and/or Instagram ads.

The possibilities are endless

Once you’ve begun collecting emails, you want to manage them using any one of a number of Autoresponder systems like Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp etc.

Some Basics of Email Marketing

learn the basics of email marketingThe following are just some basics of email marketing that don’t require a lot of time, effort or money. These are not all encompassing, but they give you an idea of how simple this can be

  1. Build quality list you must be building a list and collecting emails

  2. Email Regularly – studies show it takes at least 7 connections before a customer will buy so you want to keep connecting long after the initial meeting.

  3. Deliver what you promised – If you promise to send out easy recipes, or discount coupons, follow through

  4. Use images and links Always include a mix of images and text, and include links back to your website, products or services.  This offers your audience a chance to continue to get to know you and see your value to them.

  5. Be of value create content in your email that is useful to your audience. Keyword “useful”. What’s in it for T

Why Email Marketing Will Help You Get More Sales

Email marketing allows you to get personal with every customer and allows you to send them what they need and want while they get to know you and your business better. It also helps you increase brand awareness with each contact you make.

When you have an email list, it actually helps you get customers to other marketing channels you have such as Facebook, YouTube, and your website. These links can be in your email and you can specifically ask them to visit these channels. They’ve agreed to receive more info from you.

And best of all, Email is low cost and eliminates the cost of printing, design, mailing, etc

Consider this…

What would your business be like if you could send out a new product promo, a discount dinner coupon, a holiday special, or any other message with the click of a mouse and it would reach 1000’s?

I hope this article has given you an idea about how you can use email marketing in your business to help increase brand awareness and increase sales.

To your success,

Regina L Floyd

Online Business Developer

Regina Floyd

Regina is a Retired Las Vegas Police Sergeant who walked away from the corporate world in 2008 to put her family first when her mom got sick. In 2015, she moved to Kauai with her daughter, dog and cat where she now enjoy life helping local business owners build and grow business more effectively online using innovative marketing strategies.

4 thoughts on “How Email Will Get You More Sales

  • June 14, 2017 at 9:46 am

    Nice article Regina. I’d like to add that mailchimp is free & a good software to start with if you’re just now beginning with email marketing for your business. Staying in touch with your customers and potential customers not only makes common sense, it works 🙂

    • June 14, 2017 at 10:32 am

      Hey Brian… very true, Mail Chimp is a great place to start. What I like about Aweber is the ability to watch what happens with email and segment (getting more advanced) which allows a more specific message based on what the customer wants. Constant Contact is another great one for business as it is super easy to create newsletters. Been seeing some great results with a home service company I work with. Blessings

      • June 14, 2017 at 10:39 am

        My personal favorite is Getresponse, but that’s because I started out with it. What’s good about mailchimp and constant contact is the friendlier ability to import emails. I agree, Aweber is much better to have on a website collecting email subscriptions, but it’s not ideal for importing manual emails collected through fishbowls or some of the other things you describe in your article. Every individual business has different needs and may be served best by one of the services we mentioned here. Of course there are other good options, but once you find one you like, stick with it 🙂

  • July 2, 2017 at 10:11 am

    I loved this article. I am currently in the middle of getting my email marketing systems in place. I am starting with Mail Chimp but eventually want to transition to Aweber. Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

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