Acknowledging the People of Kauai

People love to live in and visit Kauai for many reasons. The pleasant weather and beautiful scenery are a main attraction.

Kauai is a special place because of it’s people.

We are fortunate to have many wonderful people making this island a beautiful place to be.

There are special people all around us that make our lives better in many ways.

Some sacrifice time and money so that others can survive, while others spread aloha by being kind and welcoming to all.

Talented people on this island share their gifts to entertain us and encourage us.

Average citizens have become community leaders and work hard to maintain the unique culture of Kauai that we love.

We acknowledge the extraordinary people that matter most to those around them to:

  • Thank them for their contribution
  • Encourage others to follow in their footsteps
  • Connect people to them who might help them
  • Tell the stories that should be told
  • Bring people closer together

Know somebody that deserves recognition? Anyone that embodies aloha is acceptable, even if they are just making a difference on the street they live on…let’s share their story.

To submit a story about someone we should acknowledge, the best way is to become an contributor (details here). Or you can simply leave a comment below with someone’s name & why they should be acknowledged. From these submissions we will share the stories of the people with aloha of Kauai.

Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell is the founder, editor and business marketing strategist for He lives in Kauai and specializes in helping people connect with their ideal audience.